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INDIGO STUDIOS is based in Luxembourg  City.  We are a multifaceted company offering professional Branding, Communication and Marketing packages to small and medium sized business.  From Videography and Photography services for a wide range of industries, from Food to Fashion to Sports and Tech, Indigo Studios works with multitalented professionals to bring each campaign, however small or big, to the main stage.

Understanding your products is a key in every strategy.  We want to deliver results and solve your problems.  Work with us and watch your company's brand bloom on every media platform.  From publishing to digital media we take care of it all.


As a part of giving back and nurturing a creative atmosphere, Indigo Studios runs a training centre for professionals in satellite fields of media. Our professional courses are designed for photographers who want to expand their business to include the know-how of styling, lighting and post-production.  For the professionals in the Beauty industry we created a specialised Beauty Photography & Marketing course.  Regardless of what sector you are coming from, there is a place at Indigo Studios for you to learn and advance your creative work and business ideas.

Check out the mixed media work for Cereal Lovers, a healthy food brand in Luxembourg.


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promo lisa 1_edited

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