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Cours de Maquillage publique chez Indigo Studios va vous apprendre comment créer votre propre maquillage comme un professionnel. Dans 3 leçons qui durent 1h chacun, nous allons analyser votre anatomie et développer les meilleures techniques pour vous.

Le prix: 130,00 € par personne (groupes sont les bienvenus et encouragés).
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Envoyer un SMS ou par téléphone: +352 621 735 731


Cours de Maquillage Beauty

est développé pour une femme qui aime le look léger et les looks quotidienne.

Prix: €130,00 par persone

Cours de Maquillage Fashion

est pour les looks de soirée et maquillage plus dramatique.

Prix: €130,00 par persone

Les chèques-cadeaux sont disponibles pour les cours de maquillage.

Les cours sont non-remboursables

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Overview: The professional training program at Indigo Studios is a comprehensive practical and theoretical experience that will prepare a makeup artist for a professional carrier.  The visual development is focused through a combination of sketching and visual demonstrations. 

The application of the learned techniques is demonstrated through photography projects, which artist has to deliver in order to progress to the next level.


Professional Levels:  There are 8 progressive training levels at INDIGO STUDIOS.  They begin with Professional Beauty Makeup and progress to Professional Fashion Makeup, Professional Photography through Professional Video Makeup – all the way to Professional Opera and Cinema Makeup Design.  The curriculum is strictly of a visual design structure, meaning, it is a not a cosmetics and care study.  It teaches corrective and design principles of pigments and basis, and shapes and forms of makeup, in a photographic way.


Course System: The course progression is marked in weeks, and each “week” or a cycle has a specific theme and a technical requirement that needs to be achieved.   One “week” (or call it a cycle) consists of two lessons.  The first lesson is the preparation day, where the artists practice the techniques and propose a variety of solutions for a given theme or the cycle.   The second lesson is a delivery of the project, where the artists using a model create a full makeup look and styling, and the photo shoot takes place.  The evaluation follows immediately, and in a week’s time after the photographs are ready for publishing.



WEEK / CYCLE 3 (Professional Beauty Makeup Course)

Theme: Bridal Makeup Look / European Market

Techniques requested: minimum 3 color blend. Round liquid eyeliner measured on the mobile lid. Facial sculpting. Lip shaping (soft).

2h Preparation Lesson

Test all the color ideas. Test different shaped eyeliners, discuss your sketches…

2h Photo Shoot

Create the complete Makeup Look that was decided on the “preparation day” of this cycle.  Using a model and complementing with styling, and/or hair styling, the artists create their own photo shoots


Each Professional Course at any level consists of 8 weeks – which do not necessarily mean that they need to be the consecutive weeks of project delivery.  As noted before, a week is a cycle of two lessons that should follow each other in a reasonable time span.


Final Exam: At the end of 8 weeks/cycles the artist will create a Photo Shoot project without preparation and feedback.  It will be photographed, and evaluated by a jury.  The results will be delivered with a Certificate of Attendance if the artist satisfies the requirements.


Course Duration: The professional courses are on self-schedule basis (with the exception of the 2 Theoretical lessons, where we will look for the convenient dates).

If taken consecutively, the course can be completed in 2-month period.  However, it is a visual learning process, and a recommended speed is about 3 months (allowing for some breaks and repetitions). If the course is not complete after a 4 month period, it is up to the INDIGO STUDIOS' instructor on how to shedule any further lessons and if the final examination is allowed.

The Course is non-refundable.


Material:  Professional Students need to use their own professional grade material at the Studio.  Professional Kits are available for the students, only after enrollment at 40% discount of the public price.  There are 3 sizes of Professional Kits to suits every budget.


Practical Experience & Networking:  As a working Studio, we try to promote our professionals within Luxembourg and the Grand Region.  There are many projects which the Studio is a part of, from the many Fashion Shows to the Beauty Pageants and Magazine Shoots.  The artists will be invited to participate as a part of their course to gain experience and meet and network.  These projects are not obligatory, but rather created to promote and develop a working environment around this specific art form.


Price: The price of Professional Courses is €460,00 + 17% VAT. The Course is non-refundable (exception: inside a 2 week period, and none of the lessons were attended, the course can be reimbursed for store credit).


Starting: To begin a Professional Course, you will need to define a date with your instructor.  The payment for the course is due on the first day of the Course.   Students need to complete the professional courses within 6 months after inscription.  After that period it is up to the instructor to allow delayed examination.




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