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Corporate Image Training

Professional Makeup & Style

Boost your team morale, and bond with your work colleagues while you learn the tricks of the trade in how to apply your make-up for a clean corporate image.

Group make-up lessons are ideal and specifically designed for a corporate or club event.

The lessons are individually conceptualized, so we can cover a range of looks and topics, and at the same time keep the company's brand in the forefront.

 The focus will be on what products and colours work well, how to pick the perfect foundation and tricks to camouflage imperfections.


These packages are ideal for:


  • Client entertaining 

  • Educating staff on how to look groomed.

  • Club events (golf/sailing clubs etc)

  • Conference/recreational events.

  • Boosting team morale in the office.










Corporate Styled Photography

Grooming & Style

This package concentrates on ensuring that a company's employees understand the brand that they are portraying.  After defining the company's values, vision & mission, they will learn how to live up to the company’s good-name in terms of appearance and grooming.

This is achieved by taking a step back and allowing their employees to be trained in respect of how they come across to the company’s clients, customers and/or service providers.  At the end of the seminar. the employees will also have a short session of corporate portraits in which they can illustrate their new coherent style.

A company needs to brand itself in the minds their clients.  Building an image that demonstrates a uniqueness of the business will create a connection with the consumers.

This package is carefully designed to study your corporate brand and illustrate a clear image through photography.  The variety of photographs can be used on websites, in publications, and  on social media.

The new generation of corporate photography is geared to appeal to these new mediums of brand exposure.

Photography is more dynamic and includes a variety of on-location photographs, head-shots of the company leaders, team photos, images of the office environment of the company, images of products and/or services, and even corporate events or meetings.  A company should use a clearly styled range of photographs on Facebook and social media, and a variety publicity endeavors.

Successful corporate branding extends far beyond a logo.  Like all of the marketing tools, it shows the power of the products, the quality of the service, the company and the brain power. The professional image portrayed by employees on members of the public or partners needs to reinforce the positive infulence of an organisation.  The employees should exibit a groomed, clean and capable image, which will create a trustworthy representation of a service or a product.  This in turn leads to building a prestigious brand name that lasts.

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